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Chinese Names & Characters
With thanks to Faye Yip, Yan Yan Yang & Tary Yip
Listen to Tai Chi Words & Phrases in Chinese
Learn to pronounce typical Taijiquan and Qigong phrases in Mandarin Chinese by listening to audio clips. In addition, see the spelling using tonal pinyin for each clip, e.g. tàijíquán (which gives a better idea of pronunciation). Also the Mandarin Characters are displayed, e.g. 太 極 拳
If you cannot see Chinese Characters, but just boxes or question marks, East Asian characters are not installed on your system. Visit this Wikipedia page for more information.
Click a blue 'Play' button to hear a clip. These pages should work in most modern browsers, and are primarily designed for those that support the <audio> element. With older browsers an attempt is made to use an alternative method to play clips. If it doesn't work for you, do make sure your speakers are turned on, otherwise you will have to try a different browser. Clicking on a Chinese Character will display some idea of its English translation.
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Tai Chi Ch'uan
t'ai chi ch'uan
tai chi
Tai Ji Quan
click character to translate
Hello Teacher
how are you teacher
teacher is well
Lao Shi Hao
Lǎoshī Hǎo
click character to translate
Goodbye Teacher
Lao Shi Zai Jian
Lǎoshī Zàijiàn
click character to translate
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